Los Angeles International Airport
Dave McNew/Getty Images

Traveling for me is a mixed bag. I like being other places and visiting but I hate the actual act of traveling. I don't particularly care for flying itself just because the idea of hitting the earths surface after a 30,000 foot drop doesn't appeal to me all that much. However, even more than the thought of dying a terrifying death, I hate the TSA. I think airport security at the level we currently have it is overkill and it's flat out unnecessary.

The day someone makes a bomb out of hair gel, toothpaste, or shampoo, I'll  shut the hell up. Until then, taking something I paid for, for no logical reason, is stealing. Period. The TSA takes all the fun out of travel for me. It makes travel more stress than it's worth. We are the only country I know of that goes to the extremes we do at the airport and you don't see any other countries in the news getting attacked with explosives made of hair gel or cologne.

P.S. Enjoy that picture of my junk bih. I bet your parents are so proud that you grew up to be a professional meat gazer.


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