I Love Yo Gotti's Song Law with E 40, "Law". It's basically a song about the unwritten rules to live by. There are a lot of great "Laws" mentioned in the song however, I think given more time they may have come up with a few more. Feel free to come up with your own and leave them in the comments. Here are some I came up with to add to the list.

1. Don't like a sexy pic on Facebook of your homies chick or ex chic. That's disrespect to your boy.

2. Don't be commenting on some other chic's status like you're single then get all surprised when she publicly calls you out for your girl to see.

3. Don't get a little liquid courage in you and pick fights with everyone in the club. Yes, they're looking at you. You're really drunk and acting stupid so people are looking at you like you're stupid.

4. Thou shalt not Facebook poke another dude. It's not cool. . . .ever.

5. No one likes the pushy "LETS DO A MILLION SHOTS" guy at the club. You go to the club to pick up girls and it's hard to do that when you took so many shots your mouth piece doesn't work anymore.