The future of manicures is....a robot? Does anyone else feel like robots will be taking over our jobs, and restaurants, possibly raising our children someday? It is an interesting and scary theory. Robots are taking over the world! Ok so before I get too dramatic let me show you what I am talking about. Ever heard of Clockwork? Let me introduce you to it right now because I guarantee you will be seeing more and more of them pop up in select stores in the very near future.


According to it is the,

 first robot manicure for unstoppable humans.

Clockwork gives 'minicures' in minutes, done by a robot, how does 10 minutes sound? Get in get out get on with your life. Clockworks are popping up in Targets throughout the country and are extremely convenient in that it takes away the hassle of having to go to a nail salon.

Coming from someone who has been getting her nails done since highschool, (a very long time) this sounds like heaven.

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  • the robot cannot do acrylics, shellac or gel nails
  • the robot can only polish your natural nails
  • you don't get near the color options that you would get at your normal salon
  • Clockwork is not available in all Targets for now only a select number in the United States


  • no more having to make appointments at nail salons
  • no longer have to sit in a chair for over an hour to get your nails done
  • clean and far more sanitary
  • no more having to wonder if the nail station was cleaned after the countless other people that have sat in the chair before you
  • extremely affordable, way cheaper than nails salons

According to,

The average woman spends 3,120 minutes a year on her nails. We’ll get you in and out in less than 10.

As of right now, this 10-minute manicure, Clockwork machine is located in 3 different Dallas-Ft. Worth Targets.

To find out exactly how Clockwork the robot works, watch this video:

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