Killer Mike's involvement in the betterment of the Black community goes way past his push to get people to the polls during election time. Despite his favorite candidate Bernie Sanders not getting the Democratic nomination, the Atlanta MC is still offering his two cents on the electoral process, urging Black voters to stay at home on election day if they don't believe either candidate is willing to return the favor and fight for their needs.

The Run the Jewels rapper took to Instagram with his suggestion, calling attention to all "Black Folk." Mike believes if a candidate is not willing to explicitly fight for jobs, weed decriminalization, Federal prosecution of killer cops and diversity on the Supreme Court, among other things, voters shouldn't waste their time or their vote. "Stay the fuck home. Get something or give nothing," he wrote.

He captioned the post, "Black Voters in states like Georgia this is your chance to MAKE A DEMAND and have it met! Don't remain a pasty and pet simply doing what u are told. Get something for your vote or stop complaining and accept your role as a 2cd Class citizen once and for all. #VoteLocalifUMust #IamVotingLocal."

Mike recently made headlines after he started selling T-shirts featuring a leaked e-mail from Hillary Clinton's camp. The email to Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman John Podesta read: “I guess Killer Mike didn’t get the message,” possibly referring to Mike's public stance against Clinton. You can cop the gear here.

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