We all know that rappers like to flaunt their riches, but some of them need to carry a bigger wallet. Case in point: 21 Savage. The Atlanta rapper was spotted walking the streets of New York holding a huge stack of cash.

TMZ caught the “X” rapper shopping in NYC and grill him on his money stack. When the cameraman ask 21 Savage how much stacks of cash he was holding in his hands, he replied, “A quarter of a million.”

“Yeah, a giant stack, a big ol’ stack, knock your head off stack,” he later added.

Apparently, 21 Savage and his crew “dropped a bundle” on pricey jewelry at Avianne & Co Jewelers. The 24-year-old rapper definitely had plenty of diamonds around his neck. Although we must say that walking around with $250,000 in cash on the streets of NYC (or any city) may not be the smartest thing to do. We are just saying.

21 Savage isn’t the only rapper who likes to flaunt his money. Back in October, Fetty Wap left traffic court holding $165,000 in cash. Outside of the courthouse, the New Jersey rhymer held an impromptu photo shoot where he was holding his cash and showing off his $85,000 smile.

Meanwhile, 21 Savage had the most awesome birthday ever last month. The rapper claims that Drake brought him a Ferrari F12berlinetta for his birthday. Savage showed it off on his Instagram page and it’s a real beauty. Since Drake and Savage share the same birthday month (October), it looks like Drizzy wanted to gift his friend with something luxurious.

Either way, we have to ask you this. Would you walk around with $250,000 in cash? Tell us in the comments below.

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