Jose is widely known as one of the greatest pound for pound fighters in history and there's a lot of talk saying that Conor McGregor landed a lucky punch. In any one punch fight you can expect as much, but Aldo may not get a chance to prove his fans right, due to his actions after the fight.

There are pics of the former champion in his locker room kneeling down, understandably devastated after the fight. The fact that he gave into this devastation and chose not to show up to the post fight interview may be the very thing that costs him his immediate rematch, due to the fact that the media would have been his best friend in making a case. This is how Rhonda Rousey managed to get her immediate rematch to Holly Holm. The media hype Jose could have caused (with the right demeanor in the post fight interview) could have easily earned him the rematch so many feel like he deserves.

Chris Weidman also didn't show up for the post fight but he had a good reason. The former light heavy weight champion had taken one hell of a beating in his fight against Rockhold, required medical attention, and went to the hospital immediately after the fight. Aldo on the other hand only took one hit, and was 100% fine by the time the interview took place. What do you think should happen?

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