UFC 179 Weigh-in
Buda Mendes, Getty Image

Finally! It's about damn time! After a metric ton of anticipation and Aldo canceling the first fight, Aldo VS McGregor is going down December 12th. While I'm personally going for Conor, I also realize that Aldo in a beast.

A Lot of people hate the cocky person in a fight who's always finding ways to antagonize the fighter with "more sportsmanship", but I love them. Conor knows EXACTLY what he's doing. He went from being unknown to being arguably the highest profile fighter in the sport just by talking trash. I don't know about you but if I knew I could make that much money by simply making people mad I would jump all over it in a heartbeat. It's all a show and honestly, it makes the fight itself more intense.

On the other hand, if Conor loses he's going to look really dumb. All great moments in sports would have been very different had it not all panned out. If Babe Ruth had struck out after pointing to center field, that moment would have been lost in history among the ages of baseball failures, but instead The Babe slammed one deep into center field, sealing his fate in not only baseball history but in the all time greatest moments of any sport.

Big personalities make big moments. Too many people are afraid to be big and make memorable marks in their own history. Sometimes when everyone is laughing, you have to dust yourself off, choke up on the bat, point to center field, and swing for the fences. Choosing to throw a thumbs up or a middle finger to the crowd as you round third base and head towards home is completely at the mercy of personal discretion.

What will you do when your great moment hits? Will you swing at all? Will you point to center field before hand and will you give a thumbs up to your supporters along the way or a middle finger to those who doubted you as you slide into home?

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