DDG is giving the ultimate props to Sexyy Red by calling her top five dead or alive.

Sexyy Red Is a Top Five Rapper, DDG Says

The Michigan-bred rapper offered one of the best compliments someone can give an artist by saying she's one of the best female rappers out.

"Sexyy redd top 5 female rapper of all time," he posted on X, formerly known as Twitter on Wednesday (March 20).

The red-haired rhymer caught wind of his words and provided a funny response. "Dey not gon like you fa dis one 😂😂," she wrote in a retweet of his initial post.

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Not Everyone May Agree With DDG

Sexyy Red understanding that some people may not agree with DDG acknowledging her as a top five rapper means she's aware of the conversations around her name. Her popularity soared last year with songs like "Pound Town" and "SkeeYee," but the initial reception to her brand of rap was polarizing. While many people are fans of the St. Louis, Mo. native's raw, provocative lyrics that are sexually explicit in nature, there are plenty others who find she lacks talent.

Someone who doesn't think that is Drake, who has consistently supported Sexyy Red's career by welcoming her to tour with him and putting her on his For All the Dogs track "Rich Baby Daddy" featuring SZA and Sexyy.

Either way the likes or dislikes go, she's been climbing the charts and has another hit on her hands. Her Tay-Keith produced track "Get It Sexyy," which arrived March 15, is set to debut on next week's Billboard Hot 100. The song is estimated to surpass the No. 62 peak that "SkeeYee" earned last year. Looks like it may be another Sexyy Red summer.

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Check out DDG's compliment, Sexyy Red's response and her new song, "Get It Sexyy," below.

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