DDG is facing backlash for claiming a nail salon is racist after Halle Bailey complained of bad service.

Fans Come for DDG After He Labeled a Nail Salon Racist Following Hallie Bailey's Complaint

DDG is getting dragged on social media after he claimed that a nail salon is racist following Halle Bailey's video in which she complained of getting bad service from the salon. On Wednesday (Nov. 22), Halle Bailey hopped on her Instagram Story and posted a video detailing her bad experience at a nail salon in Los Angeles called Perfect Nails.

In her clip, which you can watch below, Halle details how her scheduled appointment went awry after her sister, Chloe Bailey, arrived late. According to the singer-actress, she initially told the salon owner that her sister was going to be late but, apparently, that didn't sit well with the owner.

Halle said she and the nail tech got into an argument over doing Chloe's nails because she was late for her appointment. Halle stated in her video that her rude treatment was unjustified since she's been a loyal customer for weeks. Subsequently, both Halle and Chloe left the salon.

In response to Halle's nail salon drama, her boyfriend, DDG, jumped on X, formerly known as Twitter, and encouraged their fans to leave Perfect Nails a "1 Star" review on Yelp.

"This place is racist towards black people," he wrote in a since-deleted post. "They kicked my girlfriend out while doing her nails...please give them a 1 star.. they don't deserve business."

For the record, Halle never said the nail salon was racist towards Black people. She only detailed her unfortunate experience of trying to get her nails done and they would not take her sister for being late.

Nevertheless, this led the salon owner to post a video on social media to explain what happened between her and Halle Bailey. In an emotional video, the visibly pregnant nail technician explained that she was unable to work on Chloe's nails because the singer arrived late for her appointment. The woman said she understood why her and Chloe left her salon, but added that she soon received negative reviews on Yelp, harassing phone calls and death threats from unknown people.

XXL has reached out to Perfect Nails for comment.

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Halle Bailey Addresses the Nail Salon Drama, DDG Reacts to the Backlash

In response to the drama over her nail salon story, Halle responded to The Shade Room's post about her unfortunate bad service.

"Y'all it is not that serious i just was explaining my day on snapchat and did not name any names [heart emoji] [stars emoji]," she wrote. "We went to another salon and still got our nails done beautifully lol [laughing loudly emoji]. Everyone be nice to everyone and calm down about nails please."

Meanwhile on X, people went in on DDG for prompting fans to give bad reviews to the nail salon on Yelp.

"What DDG did was so wrong, Halle's story was ok but he added too much spice now this heavily pregnant nail tech if now living in fear," tweeted one person.

Another X user wrote: "Darryl Dwayne Granberry, aka DDG rapper. Keep an out for this Negro, this p***y boy likes to harass, antagonize, irritate White pregnant women."

"That Halle/DDG incident w/ the nail salon owner really rubbed me the wrong way," a third person tweeted. "What DDG did was terrible, but Halle gaslighting the situation w/ her comment she made in TSR, as if her words don’t have influence on these social media apps while the nail tech is distraught is [goat emoji] [poop emoji.]"

In response to the criticism, DDG released a video announcing a giveaway in which he will pay for the first five women to contact him to get their nails done. The video is below.

The Michigan rapper also wrote: "Ask me if i give a f**k. It's bigger than black & white..it's a problem with the whole way of life [power fist emoji]. Being nice to people is free..it cost to be mean."

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