I wish I could lie and say that somehow I have the inside scoop and I know exactly what it it is going to be but I simply do not. You would think being in the media well over 20 years, that someone would tell me something but I guess those 'in the know' feel I can't keep a secret. Not true! I've never told who wrecked the old B93 van back in the day. (Hint:it was me! lol)

Even though I did not eat at Genghis Grill in Odessa often when they first opened, I ate there so much, I just plain burned myself out. But then one day I discovered what looked to be an abandoned building, I decided to check to make sure I wasn't mistaken and maybe they were just closed that particular day. Unfortunately, the Facebook page says permanently closed.

So now what? I mean how great is that location? In the parking lot of Music City Mall, we cannot let that building go to waste. Clean up the building and get something new! Suggestions? What should it be now? Another restaurant? A new department store? A Dollar Store? The building is not too big so it can't be anything outrageous unless the new business expands.



  • a Dollar Store-we can never have too many
  • a new restaurant-just not Mexican food, I already eat enough of that
  • Five Below-similar to Dollar Store but cooler stuff

In other cities, there are typically only restaurants or sports bars in mall parking lots so this short list is all I could come up with. What do you think should take over that empty building in Odessa? And if you happen to know what is taking over, give ya girl the scoop!

5 Things Midland/Odessa Need

5 Things Midland/Odessa Need 
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