I saw this floating around the internet the past few days and after a while it started sparking my curiosity. Is the woman who holds the world record for most sexual partners in a 24 hour period actually from Odessa or was someone just making a joke that people took too seriously and actually started believing?

As it turns out, Mrs. Lisa Sparxxx isn't from anywhere near here. She's from a small town called Bowling Green Kentucky and actually has a college education and she's married to boot. As a matter of fact, she's been happily married since 1995. Hows that for a slap in the face ladies? The biggest h* in history is not only well educated but she's happily married too.

This just goes to show you. Just because something is believable on the internet, doesn't mean its true. This one was funny, but there's a lot of really hurtful and horrible lies going all around social media that aren't nearly as harmless and funny. Research EVERYTHING you see on the internet before you repost it. Not only will it keep you from looking like a fool, it'll help prevent needless hatefulness.

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