We are already starting to think about what we can do when spring rolls around. For some, a road trip will be on their list. As those road trippers traverse Texas, they will most likely come across a field of the state flower of Texas, the bluebonnet. For many, there has always been this tale of it being illegal to pick the flower. In short, it is not but there are some ways that enjoying our state flower could get you in trouble.

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The State Flower of Texas

The bluebonnet is the flower of Texas. The state legislature began debating the issue in 1901, settling on the Sandyland Bluebonnet as the bloom of the state. As native Texans, we've always heard to never pick the flower as it is illegal. But, is it? Not according to State Trooper Robbie Barrera. She told keranews.org,

It is not a violation of the law to pick bluebonnets, though you do need to be cautious if you choose to pick a bluebonnet, where you pick them. Don’t go on someone’s private property. If your neighbor’s growing bluebonnets and you go and pick those, then yes, that would be a violation of the law. But the bluebonnets themselves out on the side of the road, if you choose to pick them, it’s not against the law.

Now, I'm sure if you asked permission of the property owner first, there wouldn't be an issue. But, again, ask first.

As for those fields along a state highway, what are some rules and precautions.

Park as far off the highway as possible before taking that ultimate selfie or photo shoot with the flower. You can also pick a few but don't take a shovel and dig up a bunch.

Basically, pick a few as a souvenir but don't destroy the property in doing so.

And, not that far from East Texas, Ennis has been recognized as the official Bluebonnet City of Texas. April 1 through 30, Ennis is host to the Official Texas Bluebonnet Trail which showcases 40 miles of mapped driving featuring the state flower. If you want more details to celebrate the flower, go to the Bluebonnet Trails Festival website.

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