Jason Merritt, Ethan Miller, Jerod Harris, Getty Images
Jason Merritt, Ethan Miller, Jerod Harris, Getty Images

People in hip-hop often times shine light on the negative aspects of the culture without sometimes taking a minute to look at all the positives that are going on. More now than ever, rappers seem to taken on an interest in philanthropy. It's clearly visible during the holiday seasons, as this past Thanksgiving almost every rapper with a single in the Billboard Hot 100 held a turkey drive, providing thousands of turkeys to less fortunate families around the country.

The generosity is obvious a contagious bug plaguing the culture and it's now starting to spread beyond the holiday season. The Game's Project Robin Hood charity donated $1 million in water during the Flint Water Crisis. "So, I’m on tour and not in the US as I’d like to be to help with this water crisis in Flint, Michigan first hand,” The Game wrote on Instagram. “One, because my younger sister and her children live there and second, because I care. Most celebs on here faking using the word ‘Pledge’ in their so called donations are not fooling anyone! The truth is the population in Flint, Michigan is about 105,000 people and it takes at least 9 bottles per person a day just to us to bathe, brush their teeth, drink and cook with. So on behalf my charity @TheRobinHoodProject I am donating $1,000,000 in water bottles.... $500,000 coming out of my own pocket (which is everything I've made on tour up to this point) & the other 1/2 being met by @AvitaWater," said Game.

Along with the Cali rapper, a bunch of other MCs also got bit with the giving bug. From Chris Brown to Fetty Wap, scroll down and check out 8 Instagram videos of rappers doing good deeds.

The Game Randomly Giving 25K to 25 Fans

Fetty Wap Buys Dirt Bike for Fan

Chris Brown Giving Out Turkeys 

2 Chainz Giving A Family A Minivan 

Fetty Wap Randomly Giving Out Money At The Mall

Chance The Rapper Taking Chicago Kids On A Field Trip

Chris Brown Donating Album Sales To Charity

Fetty Wap Giving Remy Boy Monty A Car

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