Don't Judge me. I got caught. My friends started playing ages ago and I've told them how dumb the game was from day one. What did they do in retaliation? Got my girlfriend hooked on it which in turn lead me to taking her around town to catch Pokemon.

Finally, I gave in. If I was going to be doing all the work and walking of the game, I was going to kick some poke' asses at least. So here I am about 5 days later and OK fine, I'll admit it. The game is fun and I've lost about 5 lbs due to all the walking required.

Here's the crazy thing I didn't expect. Last night we were out and about. People will drop "lures" at parks to attract Pokemon and they're accessible by everyone. They only set for about 30 min. In that time about 50 people were gathered around catching Pokemon.

In the end, I guess it wasn't me who caught the Pokemon, it was the Pokemon that caught me. SMH.