Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - So, the other day I got HIT ON by this lady in front of my girlfriend. I quickly shut it down and said 'I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND'. Good thing, right? Well, I was hit on right in front of my girlfriend and she is NOW UPSET because I didn't say 'SHE IS MY GIRLFRIEND' and acknowledge her then and there. Can't win for tying right? What DID I DO WRONG? Lol
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Sammy Castaneda
Lol, ladies. We men are almost never the best with choice of words. Get over it.
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Jose Alfonso Araujo
She’s trippin big time💀but nothing would’ve made the situation better so just take the L and move on
· Reply · · 1h
Vanessa Barrientes Roman
Just love on your man even harder and give the other lady death looks 😆
· Reply · · 46m
Orlando N Patricia Hinds
It's not that the women see that you're attractive, they see you dont put that woman first.
Well everyone makes mistakes but me and my boo are like Tango and Cash, unbreakable!✊✊
· Reply · · 35m
Angel Borunda
Me explaining to my wife I can't help it I'm sexy af 😅
· Reply · · 52m · Edited
Manuel Palma
Maybe she hiding something!!!!

Ray Ray look he did what he was supposed to do. h OWNED it and said I have a Girlfriend. So he didn't point you out, no biggie. he was a man and did the right thing .

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