When is the last time that you felt that an establishment, or your home or office or your work place was haunted? I'm telling you right now, we don't play when it comes to the paranormal. Let me explain...
Leo and I have been in the B93 studios, here in this same building, well over 20 years. Back in the day, I remember some of the DJs that used to work with us saying they would see and hear things. One of our nights guys would leave late at night and hear faint drums in the back (outside) of our building some nights. Ummm there is no band or bar or club up in this place! Creepy.

Another coworker said that he would see a little boy some nights. He said he would see him in different places in the building just playing. NOPE! You better go on outside, this aint't no playground! Well the lasting 'sighting' was over 15 years ago....that is until recently. We've got some new coworkers that have been experiencing some things in the building again.

I.am.not.here.for.this.party. One of the peeps I work with randomly asked the other day if this building is 'haunted?' Girl, why you asking? Apparently from time to time she feels something is with her in her office. No ma'am! You better move to the other side of the building! Another lady here walked into a studio here where the lights were previously off, it was dark and all of a sudden they began flickering on and off! Help. Save me. Is there an exorcist in the house?

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