We all know a thrillseeker in our lives. The person who gets a thrill watching scary movies in the dark, alone at home, until all hours of the night. The same person that will go on a ghost hunt in big cities, the one that says without a doubt, would stay in the most haunted house or hotel and it would not faze them. Trust me when I say that person will never be me but I know a few who would do it and not bat an eye. 

did you know that 2 of the most haunted roads in America are right here in our beloved state of Texas? According to SouthernLiving.com, the Stagecoach Road in Marshall, TX and Goatman's Bridge in Denton, TX are crazy haunted. Here is the story of both, continue reading, if you dare:


This is a narrow dirt road, an eight-mile stretch of road lined with tall oak trees that makes for good local urban legends and next level spookiness.

According to the local marshallnewsmessenger, the story goes that

a mother lived out there and drowned her two kids in the marsh, planning to commit suicide afterwards except she couldn't bring herself to follow through after she killed her children, so the townspeople killed her when they found out what she had done. She is still out there on Stagecoach Road looking for her children."

With my luck, if I ever took a trip to Marshall, I would get confused by my GPS and accidentally end up on this road, at night, by myself. Smh.



An old bridge in the southwest part of Denton, according to local legend,

when a local goat farmer by the name of Oscar Washburn was murdered on the bridge, he called upon the Devil to save him. Transformed into a demonic satyr, he now guards the bridge, stalking those who cross at night without their headlights on.

Nope, nope and nope! NEVER will I cross this bridge, you can count on that! They say if you ever want to experience something paranormal visit Goatman's Bridge, there is plenty happening.

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