Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Me and my co-worker have been dating on the DOWN LOW at work. We've done a great job of keeping it on the wraps. BUT...it's time to go on vacation, we are going to go to a resort, but how the heck do we go about asking for the same time off from work. It's looked down on to date a co-worker, but that hasn't been an issue, until maybe now? Suggestions?

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Maria Ruiz Prieto
Yall work in the same department?? If so that may cause conflict and cause one of yall to stay behind because someone needs to help keep the company running smoothly 😆
If yall are in different departments it should not be and issue and yall go enjoy yalls vacation 🙂

Ray Ray
Look, it's no one's business. You guys do your thing and live your best life. If you guys as for the days off and they give it to you, then your good. I'm sure different employees can take the same days off.

There are some places that frown upon co-workers dating, but if it really hasn't been an issue up till now, then just continue on and hopefully things will work out. I would totally just take your vacation and go on with everything. If nothing has been said, then you should be good to go!
Good luck and just don't post any vacation pics on Facebook. Bon voyage!

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