Is it safe to say that since the beginning of time, people have gone back and forth on this issue? Airplane etiquette. There are a few things they say you should never discuss amongst friends..politics, religion, and I would venture to say airplane etiquette should be included because I guarantee we all have differing opinions as to what is acceptable on a flight. 

So hear me out. I fly the friendly skies often, typically without incident but every now and then a 'situation' may arise. Something happens on an airplane that has you thinking wait a minute, am I the only one with some common sense in this world? Why on earth would anyone do _____?

Fill in the blank. There are a few things that folks like me who fly regularly might say are up for discussion, for example:

*a crying baby on an airplane-give the mom, dad, or both parents a pass on this one. You simply cannot help how a baby is going to act on a flight. They can't talk so we have no clue what being inside an airplane feels like to them.

*placing your nasty feet on the arm rest in front of you-NO, NO, NO! Under no circumstances should you ever do this! It is disgusting to say the least and simple airplane etiquette. Who do you think you are?

*don't be a jerk to the flight attendants-their job is not an easy one. They deal with rude passengers all day, serve drinks and food gracefully almost 40,000 feet in the air, hear you complain about not being able to get out of your seat to use the bathroom when tbh you should have used it in the airport, and do it all with a smile. Cut them some slack!

David De Lossy

However, none of the things I already mentioned are #1 on the list of airplane etiquette. Are you ready for what frequent fliers say they wish other passengers would stop doing?

Tasty meal served on board of airplane on the table

* RECLINE YOUR SEAT-they say that the act of reclining your seat means the person seated behind you will have far less space than otherwise. It makes the person in front of you uncomfortable. Why do you deserve more comfort than me? We paid the same amount of money, neither of us are the President, the Kardashians on our private plane, or royalty so just cut it out! Sit upright for the duration of the flight, let me watch my movie, enjoy my cocktail, my peanuts and we will arrive one big happy family to our destination shortly! Do you agree? Is this the worst thing a person could do on an airplane?

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