Having lived in Texas my whole life, there are things I tend to take for granted until I leave our state. I am quickly reminded how lucky we are to live in such a great state. Two things I am especially grateful for? The weather here in Texas and the friendly folks. Having visited quite a few places all over the country, you quickly come to realize and appreciate what you have back home. 

That is exactly the case for one TikToker who goes by @vanessajoyphoto. She has been in Texas for a year and there are a few things good and bad that she has learned.

1. I love how she points out that Buc-ee's looks like it should be pronounced Byoo-cee's by how it's spelled but clearly that is not the case!

2. Also it is not HEEB it is H-E-B. lol She also observes that if you are not 'obsessed' with HEB, you are not a Texan. Accurate.

3. Y'all and all y'all are acceptable when referring to more than 1 person. 'You guys' is unacceptable however.

4. Texans will speak to anyone, at any time, anywhere and we are genuinely just trying to be nice and make conversation. No one is trying to rob you!

5. Cowboy boots for both men and women are perfectly normal attire for a casual or formal occasion.

At the end of the video she lets us know where she moved to Texas from a year ago and whether or not she ever intends to move back to where she came from. Love this TikTok and love her observations even more! Check out the video:

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10 Risks You Face Living In Texas 
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