Where are all the corn lovers? Man, nothing like a good corn on the cob. But, what if you do not want your corn on the cob. What if you want it OFF the cob?

Well thanks to TIK TOK there is a solution. And, it may be have been in your kitchen all this time. Do you have a BUNDT CAKE PAN?  Because if you do , then this is your solution.


@creativescrapsI saw it on Tiktok and had to try it, wonderful corn all winter, bundt pan $8.97 Walmart my husband filed the hole a bit bigger♬ original sound - user card creator

Well, that's one way of doing it.

Then of course you can always grab a knife. LOL I mean let's be real. Isn't a knife the way we have been doing it for years. But, I will tell you I'm not great with a knife and I've been known to LEAVE too much corn on that cob when ever I use a knife!

I do believe my mom used to own some sort of Corn Gadget to Peel off corn. But, I don't really know what happened to that gadget? And did it really work well? And, was it worth it to find that dang gadget.

Which brings me to this. Is it really worth the BOTHER to grab a Bundt pan and place it over a bucket and go to town? Sometimes when things aren't that accessible and easy, we tend not to bother with stuff.

Maybe it's easier to grab a can of corn or some frozen kernels.

I say we just use  'OUR TEETH' if possible. I f not, then maybe a Bundt pan is in your future.

Either way, whose in the mood for some corn?

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