Happy Birthday Will Ferrell.
Today will turns 53 years old.
I don't think there is a Will Ferrell movie that I don't like. His movies actually make me laugh out loud and that's not easy to do for me. What's your favorite Will Ferrell movie?
So here are my top 3 Will Ferrell Movies.

  • 1) Kicking and Screaming

I love this movie. There are probably so many more Will movies that made more noise than this one, but for me, this one gets me all the time.

  • 2) Anchorman
    Yes, this is probably on top of most people's list. The cast is awesome, but Will as usual seems to still every scene. A classic!
  • 3) Taledega Nights
    So many scenes stand out for me in this movie. Totally over the top kind of movie and that's when Will shines. Love it!