The 80's FEST was EPIC! If your a kid of the 80's, being at the Midland Horseshoe Pavilion on Saturday was all that! Everybody put on an awesome show. Highlights from the show.

*THE JETS CAN PLAY!!- The Jets doing all the hits including 3 tributes. A tribute to Prince, Michael Jackson and Selena were awesome surprises. How about when they pulled me up on stage to do some 80's moves...LOL

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*TIFFANY CAN SING!!- She proved she still has pipes. Tiffany singing Happy Birthday to a concert goer and then us going on stage and singing Happy Birthday to her was classic.

*SKID ROW ROCKED IT OUT HARD!- They finished the show strong!

*FLAVOR FLAV WALKS OUT IN CROWD! - What can you say about FLAV? He made noise and actuall walked out into the crowd while rapping on the mic.

aye aye images


80's FEST was a CLASSIC!