Leo and Rebecca TALK To TIFFANY About 80's Fest Coming To 432
The TOTALLY 80's FEST is set. Oct 1st at the Midland Horseshoe Pavillion. SKid Row, The Jets and TIFFANY will be performing.
Hosted by Flavor Flav, this is gonna be a show.
We talked to Tiffany about her shows at the mall back in the 80's, her denim jackets and her feud with Debbie Gibson...
The Totally 80s Fest is Now Featuring... TIFFANY!
Skid Row, Flavor Flav and the Jets are going to be hitting the stage at the Totally 80s Fest at the Midland Horseshoe Pavilion on October 1, but now we're adding another HUGE act of the 80s... TIFFANY!
Believe me when I tell you that tickets will be going like crazy so you may want to buy y…