You have to start somewhere right? If you have ever wanted to or was interested in learning more about owning a handgun, this class could be perfect for you. Knowledge is the key to jumpstarting an interest in something and this sounds perfect for someone who has always been interested in using and owning a handgun.

Just the other day I had a friend who was asking me about a handgun , AND STRAIGHT UP, I told them I was not the person to ask. I don't have the knowledge, but I do have the interest.

Ally Outdoors is a gun range in Midland which  offers many classes.

They are located at  201 Spring Park Drive, Midland, Texas, 79705:

You can call them at  432-203-3661

Their website describes the Handgun for Beginners class as...

This entry level course was designed for the person interested in getting into shooting. It will set a good foundation for safety, proficiency, and how to practice on your own as it relates to shooting a handgun. We strive to provide a non-abrasive environment for men, women, and children to learn and grow in their abilities.

The Class Will Cover

Firearms Safety Rules
Types of Handguns
Parts of a Handgun
Choice of firearms
How to gauge improvement over time

Time of Class


When Is The Class

Thursday May 13th

What You Need For the Class

All you need for the class is a Handgun with two magazines(available for rent), 100 rounds of reliable ammunition, and eye and ear protection(available for purchase).

Tuition is $100 per student, and availability is limited. you can register for the BEGINNERS CLASS HERE

They offer so much more as well. Make sure to visit their WEBSITE HERE!


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