Praise the Lord! One Jesus-loving Grandma is dominating the Internet rap game right now. Sister Bobbie Lively, 74, dropped a rap album back in 2014 hailing Jesus Christ and it's starting to go viral.

Her song "What Does The Word Say" praises King Solomon and cites verse from the Holy Bible all while keeping time with a beat that's vaguely reminisce of Earthtone III's joint on "The Whole World." When one Twitter user tweeted out of video of Lively's fire verse from "What Does The Word Say" earlier this week (July 27) along with a quick story of how he met the Mississippi granny at a gas station, Lively's profile increased to social media star almost overnight.

"Kendrick who??? Drake who??? Kanye who??? Lyrical Lively got the name of the Holy Ghost too...don't @ me," said one Twitter user.

Lively's effort to spread the word of God to a younger generation in the form of a rap album is paying off. Check out some of the funniest tweets from Lyrical Lively's newfound fanbase below.

Lively is not the first rapper to use her Lord and savior as inspiration for her rhymes. Christian rap is a huge market with names like Lecrae, No Malice and Andy Mineo emerging as stars. But you've got to admit, for 74 years old, Lyrical Lively is putting on for the culture, and the Lord, better than some of the game's young bloods.

Check out Lively's lead single "What Does The Word Say" above and stream her Uh Huh album on Spotify and iTunes now. Peace be with you.

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