50 Cent's car collection is full of eye-poppers and head-turners. The rapper knows how to make an automotive entrance such as when he pulled up in a gold Bentley in Brooklyn or was seen swangin in a two-toned Rolls Royce in the Bronx. It's fitting then that the rapper turned TV producer thinks he can fix the BBC's famed car showcase Top Gear, saying, according to the Daily Star that he could give the troubled show a tune-up.

"I would love to work on Top Gear, I could save that show for sure, but it would cost them...There ain’t a car I haven’t owned over the years, my car collection is as good as anybody’s out there," he said. "Top Gear was one of the world’s iconic shows and it’s a shame it came to this... The show since the old team left has been unrecognizable and if it don’t get back to where is should be soon then it may never recover... It’s a show you know you can watch any country you are in."

The BBC parted ways with longtime host Jeremy Clarkson in March of 2015 after he had an incident with a producer, replacing the whole cast with American actors Matt LeBlanc and Chris Evans among others. In July of this year though, Evans announced his departure from the show after receiving criticism for his lack of on-screen chemistry with others.

On the other side of this, Starz just celebrated its most viewed episode in channel history after the season 3 premier of Power, a show that 50 stars in and produces. The rapper has proven his charisma through years of music, film and more and certainly has a passion for cars.

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