A McDonald's customer in Georgia was so upset about his cold fries that he contacted authorities to complain. When local police arrived at the scene and asked for the customer's identification, he became uncomfortable and eventually instigated a full-on pursuit as he was apparently wanted for murder.

Twitter via @NoJumper
Twitter via @NoJumper

Reports say that a 24-year-old man in Georgia called the police after he and a manager at McDonald's got into an argument over cold fries. While the manager of the restaurant also called the police, it turns out that the customer is reportedly a murder suspect.

The report goes on to say that the customer failed to appear in court for a 2018 homicide where he allegedly set a car on fire while a woman's body was inside. It also notes that the suspect had an ankle brace on at the time of the incident at McDonald's.

While the manager and the customer told police officers their stories, officers observed the customer becoming more and more uncomfortable as they asked for his identification to fill out some paperwork. The officers were speaking to the customer at the back of his fiancee's car when things began escalating.

The customer asked officers if he was under arrest and then began backing away as they tried to get him to sign the paperwork.


This was when the officer answered "Yes" to his question and the customer took off running, starting the pursuit. The suspect ran around the corner of the restaurant and officers opted to get in their police units to continue the chase.

Eventually, officers caught up to the suspect in a parking lot. This is where an officer was able to tase and apprehend the suspect.


Georgia Murder Suspect Flees Police after Complaint of Cold Fries at McDonald's

See the full bodycam footage of the encounter via @NoJumper below.

The Daily Mail reports that the suspect was taken to the hospital before being transported to jail and charged with criminal trespass, hindering law enforcement, and possession of a controlled substance with the intent to distribute after finding 31 grams of marijuana in his fiancée's car.

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