I have said it before many times, I grew up camping. My mom and dad would load up my siblings and myself and we would go camping on the regular, along with several other families, 'roughing it' in pop-up campers at some of Texas' most popular campgrounds. Camping for elementary-age Rebecca meant community showers and riding my bike around every campground we stopped at making lifelong friends along the way. Oh and fishing, lots and lots of fishing.

Those were the days! Now all I see are fancy RV's and fifth wheels passing me on the highway and I think to myself, someday I will do it again. Camp with my own family. Except that these days camping has become more bougie and we have another name for it, it is now called 'glamping.'

According to the Oxford language dictionary the definition of glamping is:

a form of camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious than those associated with traditional camping.

Who wants to go glamping with me? I've never been but after seeing this place on TikTok, I am all in! Childhood camping what?

@texas_explorer Luxury glamping tents in Wimberley #Texas ✨ #fyp♬ Here Comes the Sun - The Beatles Revival Band & Orchestra
I urge to pay a little visit to spoonmountainglamping.com, to check out some of the most fabulous glamping tents located in Wimberley, TX, (30 miles outside of Austin) that you will ever lay your eyes on. 
According to their website, 
Spoon Mountain Glamping is a luxurious escape for an upscale camping experience. 


  • king size bed
  • soft bedding
  • chic decor
  • cozy seating area
  • full bathroom with walk-in shower
  • Wifi
  • heating/AC
  • mini kitchenette
  • private deck complete with privacy fence
  • soaking tub
  • grill & outdoor dining area

A romantic birthday, anniversary or any other special event getaway awaits you in beautiful Wimberley, TX.

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