It's a Texas thing, you wouldn't many times have we uttered that phrase to friends, family or acquaintances that have never been to our great state? Thanks to the movies, non-Texans think we ride horses to work, we all wear cowboy hats and boots and all live on farms and raise animals. 


I mean we do some unusual, some would call crazy things but we're not aliens! I thought I would share a list for folks who have never been to Texas or no nothing about us Texans. We will call this only in Texas....

    • only in Texas do peeps line up to watch highschool kids enter prom like it's a movie premiere
    • only in Texas do we wear flowers or 'mums' that cover the entire front of our bodies for the Homecoming football game-Friday night football is a religion
    • only in Texas will we sit in a line a mile long to get our Chick-fil-A fil A or Whataburger fix
    • only in Texas will you see men, women and children wearing shorts year-round
    • only in Texas will we drive 5 or more hours just to get our lake or any body of water fix
    • only in Texas when we ask for Coke it could mean Dr Pepper, Sprite or any other flavor of soda
    • only in Texas do we have all four seasons in one day
    • only in Texas do we look for any excuse to bar b que-birthday, anniversary, cousin coming to visit-let's cook out!

Leading Causes of Death in Texas in 2024

According to the Center for Disease Control or CDC here is a list of the leading causes of death in Texas.

Gallery Credit: Billy Jenkins

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