I grew up traveling as a kid. For as long as I can remember, my entire family traveled in our little pop-up camper. I loved my childhood. I have many fond memories of staying at some of the most amazing campgrounds throughout the state of Texas. My siblings and I know all too well how to set up a camp site, how to 'rough it' and also how to fish. 

We would hit up the lake and fish all day. I would hold on to the fishing rod and that's about it. If I caught anything, I had older siblings to handle the rest. I also remember my daddy had to get a new fishing license every year to prepare for summer travel.

I was reminded of some of these amazing childhood memories when I saw that Texas Parks and Wildlife announced that for one day only, this Saturday June 5th, anyone in the state of Texas can fish for free.

If fishing is your thing, you can do so recreationally this Saturday and not have to worry about a license for that day only. If you have not had the chance to get your hands on a fishing license yet this year, Saturday is the day you don't need to worry about it. However, for future trips, you can visit this website and follow instructions as to how to get one.

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