Leo and Rebecca Buzz Question - Fill in the BLANK this morning.

I Can't Eat ______ Without Having _________ With It!

We all have our crazy 'Eating Habits'! What's yours??

Leo- I Cant Have PIZZA Without Having MUSTARD With It!

Rebecca- I Can't Have SALTY Without HAVING SWEET With It!


Elba Larriuz
I'm MexiRican and I need to have Ketchup on my scramble eggs and hash browns...

Ana Torres
I Cant Have ANYTHING Without Having SALSA/CHILE With It!

Danie Lopez Coulthard
I can’t eat Doritos with pickles.

Claudia Garcia
I can’t eat pizza without having ranch with it!!

Elias Gomez
Pizza without beer

Alfredo Ordonez
Any food without any spice (hot sauce, salsa, Chile,

Chelsie Lee Benitz
Sonic cheese burger with out cheeto puffs

Ray Ray
I can not eat Chinese food without SOY SAUCE! I have tried but for some reason it's a no for me. I have even tried like Teriyaki sauce and stuff but NOPE, it's a no go for me.

Cyndi McMuff
I have t have MAYO with my fires. It's just a thing that I started when I was like 7 years old and now I CANNOT do it. people will be like ' hey pass the ketchup' when they get their fires and I'm like 'Pass the MAYO PLEASE'. Also I can not drink any soda without ice. give me a can of soda and NOPE I can't do it. I need my ice. I have even sent my husband out to the store to get bags of ice because we had none in the house and I wanted my coke.


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