I know not everyone plays video games. Heck, a ot of people think they're downright dumb. Personally, I love them. That's one of the reasons you hear me talking about Patriot Games in my countdown at 8pm Mon - Thurs. My favorite game right now is easily Grand Theft Auto 5. This is my online character. Strange and unpleasant to the eye I know but I like to think of it as a deranged Willy Wonka kind of vibe. I like GTA because online, it's basically hundreds of games in one. Sure you have the main game but there are also hundreds of "Jobs" which are basically games inside the game itself. The object ultimately is to make as much money as possble and buy as much stuff as possible to help you dominate all the other players. For example, this car in the pic is called a Karuma. It's armored and pretty much invincible to anything other than a grenade launcher or an RPG. What's your fav game?

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