I think most of us have at one point or another let curiosity get the best of us, wanted to make sure we aren't nearly as we sometimes make ourselves feel, and taken one of those Facebook intelligence tests. I know for a fact that I'm no genius. Yet, they all still claim "I scored higher than 99% of the other people who took the test!" You and I know that is complete BS and there's no way that is humanly possible. I mean, have you heard me speak? If I'm smarter than 99% of the population then I highly suggest that you build a shelter, stock up on food and ammo, and RUN FOR YOUR LIFE BECAUSE WE ARE ALL SCREWED!

My theory is that we are all just 99% smarter than people dumb enough to take Facebook intelligence tests. If they were too hard then they would make people feel stupid, when something on Facebook makes you feel stupid you don't tend to share it. They have to make them very simple so people will feel good about themselves and share share share! I'm kinda sad now because I thought I was smart for like a split second, then my brain kicked in and reminded me that I am in fact still kinda dumb.

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