Drake has two new billboards up, and we have to say, they might be his best yet. One of the mysterious new visuals appears to feature a picture of Drake's father Dennis Graham, along with the cryptic sentence, "Virginia Black, Please Take Me Back" painted below it.

As is the case with some of Drake's other billboards, no one can be sure what exactly the new image is supposed to mean. It could simply be an advertisement for the rapper's new whiskey brand, Virginia Black. As of now, that's really our only guess.

The other new billboard is one Drizzy posted onto his Instagram. This one is really straightforward, featuring the Canadian flag's red and white color scheme and the phrase "Let's all get along like they do in Canada." The OVO owl is located just below the sentence.

In other Drizzy-related news, it now looks as if Rihanna and Drake's relationship is really heating up. Just the other day, the two shared a kiss onstage during the Miami show in Drizzy's Summer Sixteen tour. Adding to rumors of the pair's increased romantic intensity is a recent story from TMZ.  According to one of their sources, the "Work" performer got a shark tattoo on her ankle on Wednesday (Aug. 31). Apparently, the new ink is supposed to symbolize an aquarium date the alleged couple went on at some point last month.

We want to believe there's truth in TMZ's report, but just like the true meanings behind Champagne Papi's billboards, there's no way to know for sure.

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