Mariah Carey is getting slammed by her own brother in regards to their older sister Alison Carey. The 55-year-old sibling was arrested last week for alleged prostitution and now Mariah’s older brother, Morgan, is speaking out about the situation.

In an interview with Inside Edition, Morgan lashed out against Mariah for abandoning Alison who has been battling drugs for many years. "Mariah doesn't care about anyone other than herself," he said.

“I would hope Mariah could find it in her heart to forgive Alison her transgressions and step up, create a trust, let’s make sure Alison’s needs are met," he added.

Mariah's publicist told Inside Edition that the Grammy Award-winning singer has helped Alison over the years and has given thousands of dollars in support.

But Morgan, who claims to have initially launched Mariah's singing career, said money is not the answer. “I will always be puzzled why Alison, a heroin addict, has always been given large sums of money from Mariah her whole life. You can’t put large sums of cash into the hands of a drug addict," he said.

Ironically, Morgan is also estranged from Mariah and currently lives in Italy. He fears retaliation from his famous sister and her Lambs (aka her fans) for speaking out about their family situation.

“It's about protecting this fiction she has created, this image she has created, it's about keeping the darkest secrets covered up,” he said.

Reps for Mariah Carey had no comment on the matter.

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