Ice Cube and Dr. Dre can breathe a sigh of relief after their names were dropped from a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the family of the man killed by Suge Knight last January.

As previously reported, in June 2015, a wrongful death lawsuit was filed against the former Death Row CEO by the family of the man he killed, Terry Carter. Also listed on the suit were Ice Cube and Dr. Dre. In the lawsuit, the Carter family claims that Cube and Dre hired known gang members in the area for security for Straight Outta Compton‘s film shoots. The incident took place at a promotional shoot for the film at a Compton Tam's Burger. Apparently, one of these guards started the altercation, which eventually led Knight to flee, running over Carter and Cle “Bone” Sloan. Carter was pronounced dead while Sloan suffered serious injuries.

The complaint reads: “This lawsuit concerns the tragic tale of how reckless corporate greed, disguised as the quest for authenticity, [led] to a foreseeable altercation that resulted in the death of a successful businessman.”

Two months later, Cube and Dre demanded to have their names pulled from the suit, claiming they “did not create undue risks for anyone, let alone Carter.”

A new TMZ report claims that courts recently ruled that Cube and Dre can't be held liable for Knight's actions.

Knight, however, is still on the lawsuit and he is also facing murder charges and gearing up to fight for his life on trial for Carter's killing.

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