OK so the other day I had the mom of one of my son's friends tell me that she always sees my kid with creased jeans. She said come to think of it, he is almost always nice and starched with the line down the middle, shirt sleeves creased, shorts, just whatever he is wearing always nice and pressed.

She was not the first one to comment about this. In fact, anytime anyone makes a comment it makes me laugh. Does no one iron anymore? lol Mine is actually a simple explanation however. You see, my very first job in high school was at a dry cleaners. I mean, doesn't it make sense? I worked at a place where the goal was to wash and press/starch/iron other people' clothes. 

I didn't do that part, I worked the front counter and took the clothes and orders from the public but I was so fascinated with the process and learned so much from those ladies in the back doing the pressing. They worked so hard and were so good at it. But I'm telling you from that point on, as little teen Rebecca and learning from the great group that I worked with, I have always been adamant about my clothes and those of my family being pressed nicely. Give me a bottle of starch, a good iron full of distilled water and boom you will get a nice, (sometimes) straight crease in your clothing!
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