So, I started watching Justice League the Snyder cut this past weekend. And, I say 'started watching' because yep I did not watch the entire four hours straight. I got into about an hour and a half of the movie. I guess, I got to part 3 on the new Snyder cut. Now, I didn't stop watching because I wasn't liking what I was seeing, it's because I had other things to do. It got me to thinking whether true fans are watching the movie the entire way through or are they breaking it up. I really wanted to watch a little bit more than I did but it was getting really late and I had to get up the next morning to come to a Morning Show.

Because, I knew this movie was four hours long, I knew i needed to at least start it. So, it had me wondering whether true fans are watching the entire movie all the way through without any interruptions or, are they breaking it up into parts like me. I really think it's going to take me two more parts to finish the movie. I really did want to watch the whole thing straight through but I just didn't have the time. So, I will be watching from part 3 on. Henstly, it will probably take me 2 ore nights to finish it.

Have you started watching Justice League? Are you going to watch it? And , when you watch it are you going to break it up into parts? Or, are you going to watch it straight through for four hours. By the way, loving what I am seeing so far. Now, I must tackle night 2 and night 3 of watching this entire four our movie. I guess you can say I am BINGING the movie over multiple nights!

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