What makes a city friendly? We come in contact with people every day whom we may deem friendly but how on earth could an entire city be considered friendly? Is it the people that live there? The atmosphere? The look of the place? Who knows but I will tell you that two cities in Texas actually made the list of 'friendliest cities in the country.'

I love this for us! My question is, are either of those cities Midland or Odessa? I think we are a pretty friendly bunch. It is not unusual to drive down the road at any given time and get the 'one-finger wave.' We greet each other with a smile often, hold doors open, and say yes ma'am and no sir.

Well, unfortunately, no the Permian Basin is nowhere on the list. But you may be happy to hear that San Antonio, Texas is! In fact, according to the annual Good Neighbor report (sounds important), the Alamo City is the fourth friendliest city in the entire nation!


I love San Antonio and I love this for them and us! It's true, I visit often and the people there, for the most part, are great.

But move over S.A. because there is another city trying to outfriend you. (is that even a word? Amarillo, Texas, the Yellow City was also named one of the most generous cities in the nation. From what I understand, in order to achieve this accolade, the city must be generous, friendly, and reliable. Way to represent San Antonio and Amarillo!

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