Denzel Curry season approaches. Earlier today (July 11), the Florida rapper uploaded a preview off a new track from his forthcoming Taboo album, and it sounds like classic Denzel. Check it out for yourself below.

Curry captions the video, "AQUARIUS'KILLA is back and taboo is coming," letting us know the snippet he plays in the video is from his new album. In the clip itself we hear him rapping, "First wipe off the fingerprints got the bandanna/the gun is more dirty than Dirty Diana." Sounds pretty dope.

Curry hasn't served up any potential release dates for Taboo, but he did drop his 13 EP about three weeks ago. Featuring hard beats and plenty of Curry's technically precise lyricism, it's a great appetizer for fans eagerly awaiting his new album. It's also another sign that he's coming for the rap game's crown.

Speaking of competition, Curry recently offered up some criticism for rappers who choose to rap over their own vocals during their concerts. Apparently, he thinks it ruins their sets because it keeps the experience mechanical.

“’Cause I wanna hear you. If I wanted to hear the track, nigga, I could’ve stayed in my car,” Curry told Sway and other personalities on Sway in the Morning. “They came to see you, so you gotta give them that fuckin’ show.”

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