Has anyone else noticed that every Walgreen's in town has a CVS right across the street? I always thought it was just a coincidence, until I noticed that it's not just here in the 432. It's nation wide. They're basically the exact same store. So why?

Now, while i can't verify all the rumors on the internet, I can safely assume there is some truth in the fact that there is bad blood between the owners of CVS and the owners of Walgreen's. CVS nation wide will pay an astronomical price to business owners who are located across the street from a Walgreen's just so they can have the location. If you own a business and there's a Walgreen's across the street, YOU ARE ABOUT TO MAKE BANK!

Some rumors I've heard are that the owner of CVS used to be the wife of the founder of Walgreen's and they ended on very bad terms. She took half his money and uses it all to open CVS's next to Walgreen's just to spite him. Brotha, IDK what you did to that woman but I'd be for apologizing ASAP. That takes psycho ex to the next level.

Another rumor I heard is very similar but instead of being his wife, I heard the founder of CVS used to be business partners with the founder of Walgreen's and things went south. I'm not sure what is true but either way, that's pretty damn gangster.