Wow! Customer appreciation like this in the 432 is rare. It used to be fairly common before the last oil boom, but many of us natives are still sitting here recalling an almost exact moment when we knew customer service here was dead and gone.

So I ordered a veggie burger from Michael's Charcoal Grill for lunch. Aside from their amazing regular burgers, they have the best veggie burger in town hands down. It just so happened that the owner saw me squirting the hot BBQ sauce into 3 little to-go containers . He casually walked up and asked me if I liked the sauce. Not realizing who he was I said, "I love this sauce. You don't even know." Without saying a word he walked off and came back with an entire container of it and simply told me that if I keep it in the fridge, it'll never expire.

This man had no clue who I was. He was simply providing amazing customer care just because that's how he does business. THAT is how I remember business being in the 432 as a kid. As a result, you better believe that I'll be taking my business there 2 or 3 times a week now.

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