Okay the countdown to Christmas is on and yes it;s starting to look a lot like Christmas. And, it's also starting to SOUND a lot like Christmas. NOW you can get Christmas music 24/7 on our website and thru our radio pup ap. We all like a little Christmas music every now and then. Here's the thing with Christmas music for me, when I want it I want it but I'm not necessarily in the mood for it a lot. But there are times when Christmas music is needed...

  1. Christmas Party at home or office.
  2. While watching Christmas lights
  3. While Christmas shopping
  4. Opening Christmas presents.
  5. Drinking egg nog

So enjoy your Christmas music, NOW at your finger tips 24/7.

CLICK HERE TO  the link to 24/7 Christmas music.

There's also a CHRISTMAS MUSIC page on the Radio Pup ap available on I-phone or Droid.