Can you believe that Christmas is THIS Wednesday?!!!

Time is flying by these days, between work, kids and events, where do we  find time to buy gifts? That had me thinking of what last minute gift ideas would work if you forgot or hadn't found that gift for a special someone. Here are my picks!

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    Magazine Subscription

    Easy to fill out, it gets delivered to them and they get a new issue every month. What magazines they subscribe to is usually easy to find out and there is a magazine for almost every topic! Most subscriptions are under $30 a year so that's an easy way to keep them happy year round and if they don't like it, they can unsubscribe easily!

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    Movie Gift Card

    Movies are crazy popular these days and there are peeps that are always wanting to see that new one, but then they are the ones talking about the price of tickets or what not. If babysitting is an issue, gift them a gift card and then offer to watch the kids for a night. They get to see a movie and you save the day! Win-Win!

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    Online Store Gift Card

    Another gift card, but you can buy almost anything online and most everyone I know shops online so it's a pretty safe bet.

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    Make a Donation in His/Her Name

    This is a great last minute gift idea that could make everyone feel better. Make a donation to a charity that the person is either involved in or a cause that they support. You can send them a card confirming they made the donation and you'll be helping someone else in the process.

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    Charging Kits/Power Surge Protectors

    Not the most flashy gift, but how many electronic items are they going to be getting this year and they all need a charge! This can really help save the day and they'll be using it all the time. There are also some that have USB outlets specifically for smart phones or iPads so you're not having to look for that wall charger.