Chris Brown has dodged a lawsuit stemming from a May incident in which his neighbors claimed the singer was disturbing the peace while joy riding his ATV. The charges have been dropped by the LAPD, TMZ is reporting, his neighbors seemingly having a sudden change of heart.

During the time of the incident, one neighbor had even recorded that street stunt, but as the celebrity news site reports, he/she did not want to cooperate with police.

The news of the dropped charges comes two weeks after Brown won a custody battle against the mother of his daughter, Nia Guzman. Guzman was seeking full custody and monitored visitation for CB. She was also attempting to block Brown’s mother from seeing the child and wanted the Virginia singer to have to submit to drug tests. But all her requests were turned down by a judge.

According to reports, Brown had been paying Guzman’s $20,000 lawyer fees during the custody battle, by court order. But, after losing on all counts, the judge said Brown would no longer have to foot the bill and gave Breezy a credit. Guzman was also looking to increase the child support she receives from $2,500 a month to nearly $16,000. Reports state she has since rescinded that motion.

The two decisions amount to a victorious August for Brown, who, at the top of the month, was hit with a lawsuit from a victim of a 2014 club shooting, who claims Brown's gang affiliations led to the dangerous incident.

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