With the emergence of O'Shea Jackson as both an Ice Cube lookalike and a proper actor, there is a growing notion on Twitter that the rapper's son will star in a Friday sequel, the first since 2002's Friday After Next. Some posters and still images have been posted online suggesting the film is a go, but Cube himself took to Twitter on Sunday (Aug. 21) to debunk the rumors.

"This is fake," he wrote, posting side-by-side stills. "My son doesn't have a Facebook account. Can't mess with a classic." Seeing as Friday has received two sequels, it's not clear what Cube meant with that last line, and considering the fanfare that surrounded the 20th anniversary of the film, it seems its legacy is more or less intact.

The below images, then, can simply be marked up to enthusiastic fans who see O'Shea as a natural extension of Cube's many movie franchises. Looking at the actor's iMDb page, it appears he only has one project currently in production, Ingrid Goes West with Aubrey Plaza and Elizabeth Olsen. As for Cube, he's listed as attached to the Scrooge story Humbug and Fist Fight starring Charlie Day due out in 2017. In past years, Cube has starred in a number of sequels such as 22 Jump Street, Ride Along 2 and Barbershop: The Next Cut, so the well-wishing fans were perhaps not too off base with the Friday finisher.


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