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So a recent Tik Tok hack got me thinking, what is your favorite Chick-fil-A sauce? Apparently, in the Tik Tok hack that's been going viral lately, a lady takes her chicken sandwich apart from the bread and puts it back into the bag container with her favorite sauce in the bag. She then shakes the bag so that the sauce is fully all around the chicken patty, then takes the chicken patty out of the bag and places it back between the buns . Basically, it's a hack to make sure that your favorite Chick Fil-A sauce is fully around your chicken. Is it really a hack? We can just take our favortie Chick-fil-A sauce and put it on our chicken like we've been doing for years. Maybe, we can have some fun and do it her way. I'm not going to lie, after watching the Tik Tok hack, that chicken does look pretty awesome full of your favorite Chick Fil-A sauce.

So, back to the question at hand, what is your favorite Chick Fil-A sauce? So many to choose from? I'm going to have to say that barbecue is probably my favorite Chick Fil-A sauce. Even though, as of late, I've been using the sweet and spicy siracha sauce, which is pretty awesome. Then of course, there's the original Chick Fil-A sauce itself, Honey Mustard, Polynesian, and Buffalo type . You know, Chick-fil-A chicken is so good, that honestly sometimes you don't need a sauce. BUT,  that would be no fun! LOL

So enjoy your Chick Fil-A sauce, whichever sauce is your favorite, and make sure to put plenty on your chicken. Now, if you want to go full force like the Tik Tok user, have at it . Here's to all the Chick-fil-A sauces!

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