Okay, I so need to get on this before the travis Scott meal goes away. And, yes, it is a LIMITED TIME ONLY meal and I believe they will be gone in Early October so, you better hit one up soon before it's gone.

I haven't done it yet, but I need to. The 'Travis Scott' meal is the newest joint venture form McDonald's and Travis Scott. You know, McDonald's hasn't named a meal after a celebrity since Micheal Jordon, so you know it's a big deal.

In fact , some McDonald's have been running out of the meals and some fans have been stealing the POSTERS from certain stores. Crazy huh.

So what is the Travis Scott Meal.

It'a apparently A 1/4 Pounder with Cheese and Bacon, Fries and a Sprite along with some BBQ sauce. And, from the looks if, most are giving it a thumbs up!

Will you try the Travis Scott Meal at McDonald's??