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Texas is full of amazing food all across the state. We have iconic Tex Mex, barbeque, and so much more that is to die for.

While small towns throughout the Lone Star state have their hidden gems, most exceptional and travel-worthy establishments are often found in the larger cities like Dallas, Austin, San Antonia, and Houston. However, that isn’t always the case.

A great example of a small-town restaurant that feels like it belongs in a big city is the Supper Club in Wimberly, Texas. I recently came across this restaurant on TikTok and was shocked to find out it is in a city with a population of less than 3,000 people.

Wimberly is a very wealthy town located between Austin and San Antonio, in the Texas hill country. It is known for its beautiful spring-fed swimming holes and is full of fun boutiques and other experiences. Despite its small size, it seems to be a great place to visit, especially for any foodies looking to try this new restaurant.

The establishment is high-end with a social club, private dining, and member access that offers special offers and exclusive events. Of course, you can dine there without any sort of membership, and the menu seems off the charts. From appetizers like ‘Spiced Quail Knots’ to ‘Escargot En Croute’ and caviar costing up to $130 per ounce, this is a very special dining experience.

You can find out more about the restaurant on their website, or watch this TikTok that I originally found it from.

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